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Rice is the heart of the meal in Thailand. It is the basis of our diet. At the dinner table, there may be as many as twenty courses, which include appetizers, soup, vegetables, meat and fish dishes served with a hot plate of rice. And here at Thai Taste, we are proud to say, "We have been serving authentic Thai cuisine since 2002. We do our very best to bring you excellence in all aspects of our food and service. We will continue to do so now and in the future. Thank you.


  • Grilled Chicken with Sticky Rice
  • Boating Noodle
  • Kana Moo Korb
  • Spicy Duck
  • Pad See Eew or Pad Thai
  • Lad Na

  • Spicy Crispy Rice Sour Pork Salad

  • Kuay Teaw Kau Gai

  • Pad Pah